Gator Hunts

Alligator Hunting Info: Floridas 2011 Public Waters Gator Hunting season  begins at 5:00 PM on August 15th and ends at 10:00 am on November 1st. Hunting gators is a fun and challenging adventure, offering an exciting and unique experience. Hunts begin just before dark and last until the last gator is brought aboard. Hunters should expect to spend up to 10 hours a night on the vessel actively participating in stalks.

Booking Your Hunt: You may be thinking that a chartered hunt is expensive. You're right, it can be a costly venture, but we put gators in the boat, and I offer you a night you'll never forget.

Alligator hunting, for most people, is a once in a lifetime opportunity, both for Florida residents and nonresidents alike. We hunt from a Floral City airboat that has been designed for safety and stability. The boat is equipped with dual trolling motors to slip up on the big ones and a Power Pole to hold you in position to take that perfect shot.  This combination allows us to efficiently stalk large alligators. 

The equipment necessary to hunt alligators is specialized and relatively expensive. We supply all the equipment possible to make your hunt a success.

You may use a harpoon, snatch hook w/ fishing pole, or if you prefer, you can use your own bow or crossbow rigged for gator hunting. We will provide the bang stick, harpoons, floats, gaffs,lights, and bug spray required for your hunt. We also supply you with invaluable information on hunting technique, safety (we are hunting alligators), the extensive laws that surround the public waters alligator hunt and boating. When the night is over and the gators are in the boat, we take plenty of pictures, then we help you get your trophy to the processor, taxidermist, or assist you in whatever you decide. If for any reason, we do not fill your tags that night, an additional night of hunting can be arranged at a discounted rate.

Gator Hunt Rates:
  • Public water gator Hunts using your tags-$800 per 6 hour hunt- first gator.

  • Public water gator hunts using outfitter tags- $1200 per 6 hour hunt- first gator.
  •  Guests: $200 per person per night. (maximum of 2)

    “You may have as many assistants as you like, however, you must be present on the hunt and each assistant must either hold a valid Alligator Trapping License or Alligator Trapping Agent license.  An Alligator Trapping Agent license is $52 and can be purchased anywhere licenses are sold.”

  •  $250 non-refundable deposit required.

Currently booking for:  Unit 502 Lake Poinsett, Unit 501 Lake Helen Blazes, Unit 540 St Johns River Upper Basin Canals, Unit 545 Kenansville Lake, Unit 500 Blue Cypress Lake and others.

Processing fees: Processing is completed by a licensed third party. Belly Skin-$15/foot, trophy skin-$20/foot, includes meat processing and packaging.

Taxidermy fees: All taxidermy work is also completed by a third party. Prices vary by size and work requested.

 Transport fees: We will provide transport of your alligator to the processor and taxidermist at our cost.

What To Bring

Clothes - Wear dark clothing, black shirt preferably with no colorful design on it, because it reflects light. Dark jeans or pants, black or dark blue are fine, camoflage pants work well also. I do not recommend shorts, mosquitos enjoy bare legs. A light jacket, or sweatshirt can come in handy as well. Also, you should bring a change of clothes for the ride home, you may be wet or dirty. Packable light rain gear would also be advisable.

Shoes - Sensible footwear is a must, sneakers, or shoes that you don't mind getting wet or dirty work great. Open toed shoes are not a good idea. The deck of the boat often is wet, and slippery So choose footwear that work well in slippery situations.

Camera and Video Equipment - Bringing cameras or Video recorders to capture your hunt is a great idea, but I need to give the following warning. You are on a boat, in the dark, in brackish water, chasing Alligators, things have been known to go overboard, (experience talking here). If you wish to bring anything along, please understand there is the possibility of it going overboard or getting damaged. That being said, the moment must be captured, so I recommend a good disposable camera with flash, and a better quality camera for pictures back at the ramp. You may also think about bringing a small dry bag.

Knives or Firearms - This comes up every year, knives with a blade of 5' or less are fine, that's all you will need. NO FIREARMS!!! We don't allow them and neither does Fish and Game, so leave the guns at home. We have bang sticks, and that is all we need.

Miscellaneous - If your wear corrective lenses, an extra pair is recommended. Contact lenses can be better, but its up to you. Soda, water and snacks are provided. We have a cooler on board so you are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and food. If you choose to deliver the gators to the processor yourself, you will need ice, a plywood panel for the bed of your truck (keeps the heat from the gators) and a tarp.

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